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The Turret Broadcast Video Streaming System from Marantz Professional
combines an HD video camera, microphone, ring light, and headphone
amplifier with a control tower/stand. Together, these components provide an
all-in-one broadcast tool expressly designed for streaming and podcasting.

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X32RACK          X32COMPACT
Compact 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital
Mixing Console with 16
Programmable MIDAS Preamps,
17 Motorized Faders, Channel
LCD's, 32-Channel Audio Interface
and iPad/iPhone* Remote Control
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40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Rack
Mixer Preamps, USB Audio
Interface and iPad/iPhone*
Remote Control
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                                              PRO SERIES PRO X-CC-IP
The MIDAS PRO Series family moves up a gear with the PRO X control centre and the
industry-changing NEUTRON Audio System Engine. Featuring 168 simultaneous input
channels and 99 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses, the PRO X sets a new
performance benchmark in high-profile live sound applications. Feel free to contact us
for help configuring a Midas Pro system for your own individual requirements.

         Midas PRO X-CC-IP  (Control Centre only, no cards included)
                                            $ 37,499.99

         Midas PRO X-CC-TP (Control Centre only, no cards included)
                                Incl touring grade road case
                                             $ 40.499.99

PROMO : Buy (1) PRO X CC & (1) Neutron Engine & receive (4) free DL231 !!
We will even give you FREE US 48-state shipping for the whole order.
            Midas DL231
24 Input, 24 Output Active Mic
Splitter with 2 Independent MIDAS
Microphone Preamplifiers
 $  4,999.99
        Midas NEUTRON
High Performance Audio System
Engine with 192 Bidirectional
Channels and 96 kHz Sample
 $ 24,999.99
      BW Broadcast ARIANE Encore Audio Leveler Processor
The ‘Ariane’ name is steeped in broadcast heritage. This highly regarded RMS Audio
Leveler achieved cult status. Originally in analog form, decades on - those same iconic
algorithms have been incorporated into our most sophisticated and feature rich platform
ever. Made in the UK, this award-winning AGC is ideal for pre-processing levels in front of
your existing audio processor, your an STL, or your internet radio stream. This is Ariane
Encore. We are the exclusive US importer and dealer for BW Broadcast products in the
USA.                                       Call or write for best pricing.
List:  $ 1,995.00